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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making Allowances for Settlement in Luxury Log Homes

Making Allowances for Settlement in Luxury Log Homes

By Jim Cooper of Log Homes Made Easy Online

For Luxury Log Homes, wood shrinkage and the resulting settlement and movement are not problems but characteristics of working with a natural material. Shrinkage only becomes a problem when the manufacturer, builder or home owner fails to recognize or respect it. I would much rather have a log home made from logs with 30 or even 40 percent moisture content, that is designed and built with full recognition of that fact, than a house made from logs at 20 percent moisture content, designed and constructed in denial that any more shrinkage or settlement will take place.
How much shrinkage or settlement are we actually talking about? I certainly hope that no one expects a log home to drop down around their ears from settlement. While it is important and under certain conditions even critical, most settlement and shrinkage concerns are more for energy efficiency, maintenance time and expense and construction quality than for structural integrity. The basic engineering of a log home makes for a strong house that can withstand a great deal of design and construction abuse.
See the rest of this article at http://www.avalonloghomes.com/allowances-settlements

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